Sapa tours offers a wide range of tours and hotel choices which are carefully selected based on travelers' reviews and our years of experience. Visit Sapa with us and see Sapa at its purest.

  • Walking & trekking tours

    Walking is the most popular way to explore Sapa. Blue Dragon Tours offers wide selection of walking tours with diverse duration and level of difficulty based on your preference and time limit, from a half day walking to nearby village to longer trips through Hoang Lien National Park and tribal villages. Join us and enjoy joyful and unforgettable moments of Sapa.

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  • Market tours

    Want to experience something you have never encountered before? Market tours will give you a thorough view into one of the most important activities of ethnicities in rural northern Vietnam. We will take you to numerous colorful ethnic markets in town, like Bac Ha or Cao Son Market, and let you spend time exploring the uniqueness of each of the ethnicity and the beauty of Vietnamese culture. You will enjoy having tea at a local farm house or sailing along the Chay river as well, allowing more indepth and diverse experience of Sapa and beyond.

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  • Special hotel package

    With these special hotel and train packages, we promise that you are getting the best price for a best value trip to Sapa. We have selected the hotels and trains that are highly reviewed by our past clients as well as popular public travel forums. We put together different itinerary with different combo but please feel free to mix your own! You can also choose to extend the hotel night stay or upgrade your train to VIP cabin, we have every option that you can think of. Whether you are traveling on a shoe string or looking for the utmost luxury holiday, look no further than what we have to offer below.

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  • Family tours

    Top Family Tours - Plan your perfect Family Trip with us.

    Sapa is an ideal tourism destination for family - and you can make your family vacation even more meaningful by visiting Sapa with us. We have compiled tours that are fun for your children to both learn and explore, and making your family closer  to each other. We ensure that all members of you family having amazing experience in Sapa and great moment they spend together, as well as a new group picture of you families about exciting trip here will be on your family memorial corners.

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  • Adventure tours

    Sapa is in the first place an awesome place for adventure lovers. Lovers to adventure and trekking? Then our adventurous were created to make your day. The diverse torpography of Sapa is ideal for your trip, whether you would like to climb the Fansipan, taking a motor ride around the curvy hilly road or trekking all the way to the most rural part. Our adventure tours will challenge your stamina, and will help you with a fond memory you will have for life.

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  • Our Picked Tours

    Check out the best-seller and recommended tours.

    The tours listed below are the most popular among what we offer. They come from diverse category: market tour, half day trekking tour, cycling tour and homestay tour. You can even make them better by crafting your own based on our picked tours: let us know what you have in mind and what you would like for your trip and we will suggest the top of our picked tours for you to join or to customize.

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  • Half day tour

    Enjoy a quick view of Sapa with our half day tours. There are plenty of options for you to choose!

    For those who have only limited time in Sapa, we offer wide range of short trips at selected attractions, with half-day as the shortest duration. The trips are usually held in the morning or afternoon, with a visit to one of most popular and spectacular attraction of the town, such as a tribal village or natural sites.

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  • Full day tours

    A long list of full day tours is available for you to choose to explore Sapa. Here we try to put as many typical features of this town on our day tours as possible, and follow one distinguished theme for each tour. That could be a day at tribal market in the morning and ethnic village in the afternoon, or full day inside Hoang Lien National Park. And in case travelers are not yet satisfied with our tours, they are able to design their own day trips with assistance from our experience travel consultants.

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  • 2 day tours

    Have more than a day to spare? Take our 2 day tours of Sapa!

    You can choose to stay at a hotel in town or spending your night at a local homestay and learn more about ethnic culture in rural Sapa. Our 2 days tours allow travelers to expose themselves to the most unique cultural traits of Sapa while having the chance to see and feel the nature of this northern district as well.

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  • 3 day tours

    If you are really interested in Sapa then a 3 day tour is a must. Not only will you learn about the villages and cultures in relations to one another but you will also get the chance to immerse yourself in daily life activities of various ethnicities such as the Yao, the Black Hmong and others who live in and near Sapa. Our 3 day tour will either take you to the village route or market route - please rest assure that you are getting the best experience about Sapa.

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