VietnamOnline.net is an informational gateway for travelers, especially those who want to get to know about Vietnam a little bit closer. As some people say, travelling in Vietnam (or anywhere else for that matter) is indescribable. Reading, or seeing is not impressive enough to make a strong believer. Experience is. You have to experience in order to know what travel really feels like.

With a view to making such precious experience much easier to achieve, we have been focusing on collecting and classifying relevant travel information and services. Surfing our website, you will find:

Travel information which is always updated by our staff who are routine travelers with proven immaculate track records, including details of background and orientation, accommodation, places to eat, attractions and activities, unique identities, and so forth of destinations.

A long list of diversified tour packages to choose from. If into adventure, you are supposed to get a pleasing one from here. If keen on discovering the beauty of culture, you have come to the right place.

A travel blog with updated travel and tourism news

A forum on which you can exchange travel experience and advice with others or contact them for booking or places to spend a night.

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