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  • Muong Hum Market (Sunday)

    Muong Hum is situated about 3 driving hours from Lao Cai station. It is one of the most unique and uproarious markets in the area with the appearances...

  • Taphin village full day tour

    Have a visit to the village where Black Hmong and Red Dao communities are living together but remaining their typical culture, while witnessing the wo...

  • Matra village walking tour

    A half-day visit to a Hmong village which is close to Sapa Town but still maintain its traditional features of lives.

  • Bac Ha Market Tour (Sunday)

    Located in the center of Bac Ha town in Sapa, Bac Ha Market is one of the largest, most colorful and exciting markets of minor communities here. The m...

  • From Matra to Taphin Village

    You will enjoy a long walking tour out of your daily busy lives, and step on traditional lives of local Black Hmong communities.

  • A walk through rice fields

    During the program you will know more about the process of transforming rice field to the cooked rice on the dinner table, and listen to stories of lo...

  • Hoang Lien Son Mountain trek

    Witnessing the spectacular sceneries of Hoang Lien Mountains and its surrounding highland area, visiting and learning about life of local Hmong commun...

  • Coc Ly Market Tour (Tuesday)

    This extraordinary market is organized only on Tuesday. Coc Ly is a tiny trading place where you are able to meet people from different minor communit...

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The best time to visit Sapa?

There is no best time to visit Sapa as you can go there pretty much anytime. If you would like to take photo of the ripening rice field, visit Sapa in September and early October. If you want to see the festival of ethnic people, plan your trip on weekend and early in the year (Jan- March).

Do you know?

In November 2013, Sapa celebrates its 110th birthday since it welcomed the first tourist to town. On this occasion, Sapa terraced field is also officially recognised as a national natural treasure.